Modern Mythography

Lost Naiad ... Squirrel!

While editing the Lost Naiad pics I got squirreled. I found another mermaid themed shoot that I'd done a while back and got distracted working on those. Then I got distracted again with an idea for some changes to the shoot I'm supposed to be working on. I did get my focus back on track though, and the updated photos are posted to the original gallery. That said, I've started editing the other shoot and will make a post when I've finished. 

Upcoming Projects: The Wyld Hunt

So far this is in the inspiration stage. I've always loved the imagery of the Wild Hunt, and I'd like to bring it forward in time. I'm picturing a group on motorcycles. It's night, the road is wet, and the fog seems to cling to, or be generated by, the riders. Neon signs provide just enough light to make out that these aren't ordinary men and women. Their faces appear normal to a passing glance, but closer attention shows teeth just a bit too long, or hair that looks more like fur, and some look to have been dead longer than they were ever living.

This one will probably run more money than I generally have to spare, but I'll figure something out. Whether that means shooting them all separately over months, and compositing them together later, or saving money till I have enough to do it in one swoop, I'm not sure. Times like this I wish I had a Patreon, or maybe enough of a portfolio together to get a Kickstarter going. 

Upcoming Projects - Carving Pygmalion

Among the projects I'd like to work on in the near future is a gender bent Pygmalion and Galatea. After a reading of Pygmalion I got somewhat taken with the image of a modern equivalent. A sculptress carving her perfect man from stone. The plan is to design a series of "book covers" for a nonexistent erotica series about a sculptress. I'm thinking 7 covers in all. I'm still working out the specifics, but hope to have the list of shots ready by next month, along with a good notion of what props and wardrobe I'll need.